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Welcome to a Dream Realized

For many years our staff has been involved in the lives of those affected and ravaged by HIV/AIDS.  We are happy to announce that a dream is realized and The Calloway House is born.  The Calloway House of Hampton Roads, Virginia provides Case Management Services as well as AIDS Waiver and End-of-Life Care to those experiencing the effects of HIV/AIDS.

Our Passion:

Our Passion is to care for those who have come to a turnng point in their battle with HIV/AIDS and need a helping hand.  It does not matter if you are newly diagnosed or are seeing the sun setting on your life, we will provide care without discrimination. 

Your Donations Count:

Your generous donations, of all sizes, allow The Calloway House to serve the HIV affected community in Hampton Roads, Virginia.  Without you we are not able to impact the lives of many in need.  We'd like to thank you for enabling us to make a difference.